CL Tetra Case Galaxy Note8, Transp.

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EAN nr.:  8018080308390

Built in technologically advanced materials that dampen and dissipate vibrations caused by impact with the surface, Tetra Force Shock-Twist is the new, ultra-protective and flexible case: the ideal solution for those seeking maximum protection for their smartphone.


Thanks to the cutting-edge IDS (Impact Dissipating System)TM technology developed by Cellularline, the energy created by shocks along all the edges is dissipated, and the waves and vibrations caused by impact with the surface are counterbalanced, avoiding possible damage to the phone's internal components. The soft and elastic material, combined with the ultra-protective internal protection band, keeps your phone safe from knocks and falls. Tetra Force Shock-Twist cases are available in different colour hues, the ideal way to personalize your smartphone while providing an unprecedented level of protection. Tetra Force Shock-Twist has a lifetime warranty: for more information, please visit the Cellularline Guaranteed For Life section.



I.D.S. (Impact Dissipating System) ™.

It's the innovative system with anti-shock, ultra-protective material, whose properties are exploited with a one-of-a-kind shape that provides your smartphone with the best protection from accidental shocks and drops.


It has passed the MILITARY TEST, an internationally recognised certification which proves resistance to knocks and falls.

Raised rubber frame for greater display protection

Reinforced corners for greater protection against accidental drops



Deksel/veskefarge Transparent
Kategori Mobiltilbehør
Produsent Cellularline
Type Deksel

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