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GEAR4 D3O Crystal Palace A50, Clear

Clear Cover For Galaxy A50

Varenr: 702003397
EAN nr.:  4895200206422

Clearly the ultimate impact protection: GEAR4’s Crystal Palace case safeguards your device while the transparent design showcases it. Thanks to D3O-approved materials, the case can withstand drops from up to 10 ft. The backplate is made of TPU, the same material used in bullet-proof glass. With Crystal Palace, you’ve got unobtrusive clear protection that you can count on to keep your device safe and sound.

  • Clear case with a slim design

  • Drop tested from 10 ft. (3 m)

  • Edge-to-edge protection

  • Wireless-charging compatible

  • Approved by D3O

GEAR4 create ultra-slim, ultra-stylish, ultra-protective cases and have a unique partnership with D3O. All GEAR4 cases are put through rigorous independent tests using real phones and also undergo quality control, which includes bend, rub, abrasion, color-transfer and fit testing. Their products are built to meet the highest standards and can really take an impact.

D3O is a company based in the UK and the world’s leading expert in impact-protection materials. It develops high-performance impact-protection technologies that are used by global brands in sports, electronics, defense and industrial workwear.

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