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LifeProof Belt Clip for iPhone 5/5S

For Deksel til iPhone 5/5S (EOL)

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Belt Clip for Lifeproof cases for iPhone 5 and 5S
Stay quick on the draw with your iPhone 5s! The Belt Clip secures your iPhone 5s to your belt — right where you want it. Clips to regular belts or utility belts, making it perfect for military, law enforcement, emergency services, construction, and even cowboys.
These days, it’s like the Wild West out there. Instead of cleaning corrals and driving cattle, most of us are busy working the job site and commuting to and fro. Either way, it’s important for the modern cowpoke to stay quick on the draw. So, holster your iPhone 5/5s in the LifeProof Belt Clip.
Built for iPhone 5/5s cases (not compatible with iPhone 5c), the Belt Clip gives you lightning-fast iPhone access. Clipping to your belt, your phone stays right where you want it. The one-handed release latch makes for fast ins and outs, and the integrated lock keeps your phone from slipping or getting swiped.
The Belt Clip kit includes two clip sizes. The 1.5” clip fits “regular” belts. The 2” clip fits utility belts — perfect for military, law enforcement, emergency, construction, and high-plains drifters. (Note: clip installs permanently and is not interchangeable). Best yet, the Belt Clip is precision molded for LifeProof iPhone 5/5s cases, so your iPhone stays locked and loaded until you’re ready to draw!


Kategori Mobiltilbehør
Produsent LifeProof
Type Deksel

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