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Zens Ladeplate Bil 5W

Trådløs ladeplate, uten lader (EOL)

Varenr: ZECC02B/00
EAN nr.:  8438476133410

Are you underway most of the time and want to make sure your phone is always charged? The ZENS In-car Wireless Charger Anti-slip has – the name says it – an anti-slip surface and can be used anywhere in your car. Simply place it on the mid console, under your armrest or wherever suits you best. The charger even has a built-in battery (5200 mHa) that allows you to, when you arrive at your destination, take it along for uninterrupted wireless charging.




Wireless Charging, 5W

Comes with an anti-slip surface to be used in the car

Can be used both in the car as well as stand-alone wireless charging powerbank

Built-in battery 5200 mha or connect with USB cable in your car

Automatic shut-down after your device is fully charged

Qi certified




Type: ZECC02B

Unit dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 17 x 10 x 3

Unit net weight (g): 150

Power supply: USB



Effektoversikt 5 Watt
Kategori Mobiltilbehør
Produsent Zens
Type Ladere
Type lader Trådløs

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