Ksix Extreme Glass til iPhone XS/X

9H - Ekstra beskyttelse av skjerm (EOL)

Varenr: B0938SC07
EAN nr.:  8427542087504

The Ksix Extreme Screen Protector is an excellent protection for your Smartphone display. The temperede glass has a 9H resistance, the maximum in the scale, it absorbs impacts and resist shocks and drops.

The tempered glass screen protector has a high transparency level, its 0.3 mm thickness ensures great sensitivity while maintaining all the features of the display. It provides the screen with anti-shatter and anti-scratch protection.

Ksix tempered glass screen protectors are designed to fit perfectly on the Smartphone screen. The top layer includes an oleo-phobic treatment that repels, grease, dirt, liquids and fingerprints on the screen.

It is very easy to apply.

Technical Information

  • Tempered glass screen protector
  • 9H resistance. The maximum in the hardness scale
  • Oleo-phobic coating. Repels water and dirt
  • 100% transparent
  • High sensitivity
  • Protection against shocks and cratches
  • Ultrathin: 0.3mm thick
  • 1 screen protector unit

How to apply

Step 1. Clean the Smartphone screen with the alcohol pad.

Step 2. Remove the screen protector from its packaging and peel its protective film.

Step 3. Align the protector to the Smartphone edges and place it on the screen. The adhesive side should be facing down.

Step 4. Spread the adhesive without creating any bubbles by gently pressing down the center of the screen.

Product features:

1.- High quality tempered glass

The screen protector is made of tempered glass. It features high transparency, high sensitivity, delicate touch feeling and ultra hardness. It protects the Smartphone screen from scratches and shocks.

2.- Shatter-proof

It is designed to prevent the Smartphone screen from shattering on impacts or falls. The product is safe to use.

3.- AF coating

AF coating prevents dirt and greasy fingerprints on the screen. Its smooth surface is easy to clean.

4.- Ultra think protection

The screen protector is made of Asahi Glass. Its ultra thin thickness wont affect the Smartphone screen displayn or its functions.

Compatible with Apple Smartphones

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