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Xqisit Slim Wallet Galaxy A50, Black

Lommebok veske Samsung Galaxy A50

Varenr: 35752
EAN nr.:  4029948084619

A definite case of good taste. XQISIT’s Slim Wallet Selection brings together quality materials, superior design and fine craftsmanship, all into one fine piece of multifunctional mobile protection. This wallet case not only protects your device from all sides but also features practical inner slots and a pocket for cards and bills. The elegant TextureTec™ exterior conceals a robust and flexible TPU shell providing increased impact protection. The functional tailoring ensures easy access to all ports and buttons for an effortless handling of your device. And, should the need be, the case also doubles as a stand with an ideal viewing angle.

  • Elegant all-around protection

  • Inner case made of FleXQ™ – flexible & protective

  • TextureTec™ exterior – premium textured, matte look

  • Practical inner slots and pocket – for cards and banknotes

  • Magnetic closure – user-friendly and secure

  • Adjustable stand function – for comfortable viewing


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Dekseltype Lommebokveske
Kategori Mobiltilbehør
Produsent Xqisit
Type Vesker

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